July 12–15, 2016

  Engage...in topics that       interest YOU!

Experience...new music, new friends, and interesting classes.  

Energize...your love of teaching by learning from wonderful instructors who care about your learning. 

"Terrific – Very supportive environment. A great collaboration of talented and empathetic clinicians. It was amazing to see the progress of the conductors in such a short time. I loved having all the college students here – such a different perspective. So much good literature!"

-workshop evaluation form comment

What is the CSUF Summer Choral Workshop?


"Workshops were filled with lots of good info., energy and activities. Instructors were knowledgeable and provided a safe place – each showed some vulnerability…something we ask our students to do, but as teachers sometimes have problems with. Thanks for all you’ve done. Thank you to your college students too. They were helpful."

-workshop evaluation form comment

Highlights Include...

​"The workshop was an amazing experience. It is refreshing to come to these workshops to get new inspiration!"

-workshop evaluation form comment

The Workshop is a four-day intensive workshop designed for choral music educators teaching grades K-12 and above. Reading sessions, conducting masterclasses, an extensive reading packet, and class breakout sessions highlight the week. If you are a kindergarten teacher, a middle school teacher, or a high school or college teacher, you will enjoy the workshop offerings. 


Singing and Experiencing New Repertoire
Part of each day we will meet as a large choir to read through choral literature for the pure fun of it, and also to experience new literature for all grade levels. When is the last time you sang...just for the fun of it? You will receive an extensive reading packet to take home and use when you plan your upcoming concert season. 

Engaging in Conducting Masterclasses
Interested attendees will have the opportunity (first come basis) to receive conducting instruction in front of the large choir. All participants will have an opportunity to learn and improve through the Masterclass either by conducting, or observing conducting instruction while singing. 

Enriching Your Teaching
Breakout class sessions will allow you to choose topics in your particular interest area. Each of our four faculty will offer specialized classes in their area of expertise. 

Energizing Your Passion for Music
Meet colleagues, investigate new approaches to teaching and music making, and earn optional college credit in a positive learning environment.